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Nebo Hotel finance obtains acquisition and refinancing/restructuring equity and debt for hotel properties anywhere in the United States. Hotel developers and owners deserve a hotel focused financial intermediary to guide in sourcing and securing the best debt and equity capital possible; Nebo Hotel Finance is that advisor. Our sole focus is hotel properties and simply put, we know hotel financing. Our team has the critical experience and knowledge to find and secure debt and equity based on your firm’s specific capital requirements. 

Lender Relationships

Over the past 30+ years, the principals at Nebo Capital have built a network of over a 1,000 debt and equity capital sources, securing over $2 Billion. They are comprised of both unique and boutique sources while also maintaining and growing relationships with large institutions and high net worth individuals. The significant volume of financing that we complete, commands an audience from every major lender in the market. These Relationships include but are not limited to:

Local, Regional, and Global Banks

Credit Companies

Life Insurance Companies

Securitized Lenders (Conduits)

Private Equity Investment Firms

Opportunity Funds

Investment Banks

Pension Fund Advisors

Private Money

Government Agency Lenders (FHA/HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac)

Debt Placement
Permanent Debt

Nebo has successfully executed assignments across the full spectrum of short and long-term debt. Permanent/Fixed Rate Financing is the core component utilized most within the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Our lender relationships are a key component in assisting our clients permanent financing needs.

Acquisition and Construction Financing

The capital structure for every property acquisition or development project starts with a competitive financing component. Nebo has a long history and deep understanding of the financing considerations for complex property acquisitions and/or ground up construction projects. We can assist all borrowers in finding the best structure, leverage, and rates for these critical loans.

Bridge Financing

Nebo Hotel Finance, through its relationships with a variety of leading lending sources,  can offer customized bridge/renovation loans. Our ability to provide this type of financing provides the borrower with the necessary time frame for the properties to be repositioned and stabilized, at which time a longer-term loan will be provided to pay off the bridge/renovation loans.

Equity Placement
Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Financing

Mezzanine/Preferred Equity Financing can be structured in a variety of ways. The transaction can be structured as partnership debt, preferred equity, or a mezzanine loan. This type of financing plays an important role in the capitalization of a project, utilized as both a vehicle for acquisition financing as well as an equity recapture tool in conjunction with permanent financing. Like equity providers, most mezzanine lenders are smaller, entrepreneurial firms with a variety of risk profiles and investment horizons. Nebo Hotel Finance is able to quickly direct the client’s assignment to the best options available in the highly fractured mezzanine market. Many multi-purpose real estate firms may provide access to real estate capital, but Nebo’s sole focus on real estate finance guarantees you the most exposure to all aspects of the capital markets.

Joint Venture Equity

Nebo Hotel Finances extensive experience with equity providers and knowledge of investor criteria allows you to capitalize on a project with speed and efficiently. Our understanding of institutional capital investment preferences, allows us to effectively match capital with a specific transaction and sponsor therefore save our clients time. Nebo accesses equity through a broad range of high net worth individuals, family offices, pension and endowment funds along with institutional equity investors. We identify the capital structure appropriate to our clients needs based on in depth analysis and knowing our clients capital requirements.

Structured Finance

Nebo has the capabilities to provide a variety of options on the best capital structure to serve the needs of our client by using a combination of Debt and/or Equity Providers to achieve the highest possible capitalization at the lowest cost of capital. We do so by representing the interests of the transaction sponsor or, the Capital User. Years of experience allows us the ability to structure the most cost-efficient capital stack. Nebo always remains neutral with respect to who provides the capital as we stay focused solely on the best and most secured transaction execution.

Advisory and Consultation

Special situations often arise that require a unique capital markets perspective that may not fall into the realm of the day to day intermediary functions. Sudden changes in the economic climate or when the relationship between capital partners has been compromised often requires a steady hand with a neutral viewpoint. Nebo Hotel Finance is uniquely positioned to provide clients with an array of Advisory and Consultation services by leveraging our capital market expertise and transaction knowledge.